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A Motiv Athletics’

Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Class



Guaranteed Results or Money Back

The In-House Motiv Athletics’ Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Class kicks off…

Monday, September 30th

Important: We need to assess your readiness.

Text “motiv56” to 317-342-1545 to schedule your nutrition consult.

Here are the quick details you need to know…


  • Fat Loss & Muscle Building Class

  • 3 exclusive coach led muscle building classes each week at Motiv Athletics

  • Only Accepting 10 Spots per class

  • Last Year We Sold Out

  • Meal Plans & 1 on 1 nutrition coaching

  • All-in-one App


  • Duration: 8 Weeks

    • Begins Monday, September 30th -
      Ends Sunday November 24th.

  • Two available times

    • Tue, Wed, Thur at 11AM, OR

    • Tue, Wed, Thur at 6:15PM


  • Coach & Peer Accountability

  • Weekly/Monthly Check-ins

  • You must sign up for a nutrition consult & readiness assessment in order to join the class.


Schedule Your Nutrition Consult & Readiness Assessment

Text “motiv56” to (317) 342-1545

Past Nutrition Challenge Clients Said…


The nutrition challenged pushed me to re-evaluate my diet and take a more active role in what I was eating. In following my macro goals and eating more unprocessed, whole foods I began to notice a difference in how I looked and felt. During the challenge life got in the way and instead of giving up I was encouraged to keep trying to make healthy selections and to keep the “dial off zero.”
— Nichole
I participated in the 6 week challenge and it was great! Andy and the rest of the group were so supportive and they challenged me to push myself to do my best. I learned a lot about meal prepping, especially how to customize meal prepping for what works for me (I don’t really do leftovers). I had resources and recipes available to me, and if I had a question about anything, all I needed to do was ask. It was a great experience I’d recommend to anyone!
— Julie
Hey all, did the 6 week nutrition challenge and it was awesome! Everyone in the group was very supportive and we all shared tips and tricks to help each other along. I also enjoyed the challenge because I’m still learning a lot about the basics of nutrition and being active and I was able to learn without being overwhelmed. The coaches were very supportive and fun, they created a positive, hardworking, and inspiring environment and everyone was a blast to work with. Thanks for everything! :)
— Lizzy
I participated in the 6-week nutrition challenge and not only was able to establish a healthy diet, but also I managed to improve my daily performance and efficiency at home and work as a result. I totally recommend this program to everyone with any fitness goal.
— Akbar

Client Progress

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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: What is Motiv 56?

A: Motiv 56 is an 8 week class that focuses on losing fat and maximizing building muscle with two coaches, an in-person Motiv Athletics coach & a remote Motiv Nutrition coach.

These exercises are a bit different than what you would find in a normal class time at Motiv Athletics.

The volume (reps and sets) and weight are much larger than you would typically see programmed. The goal is to maximize muscle adaptation.

Check out the original announcement video below.


Q: If this is a different membership and I’m currently a Motiv Athlete,

what happens to my membership on the class/challenge?


A: Yup, so we offer this program to both members and non-members and in doing so we can help more people with their fat loss & muscle building goals this way.

For those who are Motiv members, we will put your regular membership on hold for the duration of the program so you aren’t double charged.

Q: What if I don't want to do the consult?

A: The Readiness Assessment & Nutrition Consult are a must and are not an option. This provides us the opportunity break out some of the barriers you may be having when it comes to nutrition and allow us to get to know each other.

If you do not complete a Readiness Assessment & the Nutrition Consult you cannot sign up.

We must assess if you are a good fit for the program. We would rather have a committed individual who can do MOST everything we ask than someone who is not ready for the commitment.

Q: What if I'd like to attend regular class on top of Motiv 56?

A: Great news, you can! After we put your membership on hold you have the option to purchase a 8 class punch pass or a 16 class punch pass. These are way cheaper than the regular punch pass classes coming in at; $16 per class for 8 & $14 per class for 16. These expire after 3 and 4 months, respectively.

Here’s the thing, if you are more of a novice exercisers or lifter then you may not need more gym time. Recovery has a large role in maximizing your gains. Exercise is stress. Too much stress can hinder results.

You will need to talk with your coaches about this individually. Some people can handle more exercise and others cannot.

Once we decide if you are prepared for more than 3 days a week, you can use a punch pass to attend 1 or 2 regular class times a week.

It just all depends.

Q: Three classes in a row?

A: Three days in a row, are you mad?

Well, no we aren’t. Just like in the question above, it all depends.

We encourage our clients to listen to their body. If they feel beat up, still show up but go lighter and take it easy for one of those sessions.

We also are asking people to do some type of active recovery the other days. This includes walking for 30 to 60 minutes or some other type of easy exercise.


Q: What are the classes like? How are they different from regular classes?

A: These classes are programmed to build that muscle. To maximize muscle gain you need to fatigue those muscle fibers.

Type II muscle fibers respond the best to strength training and they are the ones that grow the most. You cannot stimulate or adapt Type II muscle fibers until you cross a certain threshold of stimulus. Light weights & high reps will not target Type II muscle fibers.

High volume and heavier weights. This is all relative to the individual. Think less squats and deadlifts and more single arm/single leg work or unconventional lifts found in most bodybuilding programs.

We want to to get your lean muscle mass up!


Q: Is the nutrition program strict?

A: To answer this question you have to ask yourself, “how committed am I to the program?”, or what are your expectations?

If your expectations are, I’m going to jump into this program and not change anything about my diet or lifestyle it won’t feel strict at all.

The short answer is, I don’t ask people to deprive themselves. Rather, I ask them to follow a few set principles to fat loss and coach them through that.

No long list of restricted food items, but you have to have realistic expectations.

You can’t not change anything and expect different results.


Q: How will I lose weight if there is no cardio?

A: This is an interesting topic and a common misconception. By taxing your muscles, you will inherently and biologically use more energy to do so. Make it hard enough and you are a walking oven, cooking all kinds of calories.

With the proper nutrition and calorie intake or reduction, you will start to lose body fat and build lean muscle. We want to help you with 1 on 1 nutrition coaching in this regard. Get you lined up for great results by eating slowly, stopping when full, and eating just a little less than you need to.

Lifting heavier at higher volumes will get you to burn, burn, burn.


Q: How does the remote programming work? - access to yoga room and open gym

A: Thanks for asking! The Motiv 56 Remote Programming option will include both the entire exercise prescription AND 1 on 1 nutrition coaching.

These are for those individuals who cannot make it to either the 11AM or 6:15PM Motiv 56 class times but can find time and have access to equipment… you will have access to all of the open gym times and even the yoga room to accomplish these workouts.

The workouts will have video instruction so you will have everything you need to get the work done. On top of that, you will have the same exercise coach to help you remotely in case you have questions.


Q: What if I want to just do the remote programming exercise only?

A: We don’t offer a Motiv 56 remote programming only option without the nutrition component. However, Motiv Athletics does offer remote programming at $99 a month for a 3 month minimum. This option is great for anyone who is not a member of Motiv Athletics but has access to a gym.

Note: you would not be participating in the Motiv 56 program but the remote programming that Motiv Athletics offers is top notch.

Inquire by emailing:


Q: What if I just want nutrition?

A: Heck yeah! We would love to have you participate with everyone else during the Motiv 56 class/challenge. You will receive every bit of the nutrition coaching and education that comes with the Motiv 56 class simultaneously with everyone else on the start date of the class/challenge.

A great opportunity to get some 1 on 1 nutrition coaching for a cheaper price and for only 2 months. We typically only have a 3, 6 and 9 month option for coaching at $150, $120, & $99 a month. We do not offer a 2 month option so this is a perfect opportunity to get in for a price cheaper than the 9 month commitment price.


Q: What if I just want to do nutrition and remote programming?

A: This is the same as the Motiv 56 Remote Programming option. You will get all the same exercises and remote coaching from the in-person coach and remote nutrition coach simultaneously with the class.


Q: What if I can't make every class time? - you'll still get the programming

A: In order to satisfy the guaranteed results or money back option under the Motiv 56 in-person option, you will need to make 80% of the classes at minimum. This is 19 of the 24 classes.

We understand, things happen and you might miss a few classes, but we want people who are committed to getting their results and who can show up to most of the classes.

In the event that you cannot make every class, that is OK - just make sure that you don’t miss at least 5 classes, and you still get the programming to complete remotely.

We also offer people the opportunity to attend the 11AM Motiv 56 class. So, if you find yourself in a pinch you can mix and match between the 6:15PM and the 11AM class times.


Q: Can I mix and match class times?

A: Yes! You may swap an 11AM for a 6:15PM class time on the fly. Just show up. We just want you to show up, it’s that simple.