Motiv 56 Class Important Updates!

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Anyone interested in losing fat & gaining muscle… check out these IMPORTANT Motiv 56 Class Updates…


So, on last Tuesday I sent out a video about how we are launching an 8 week fat loss and muscle gain class only for 10 people.

Well... the buzz about it has started to pick up and many of you have expressed an interest in the class but can't make the 6:15pm class 3x a week.

Additionally several people have only been able to schedule their nutrition consult later towards the sign up deadline & therefore close to the start date..

Because of this, we have several IMPORTANT announcements...

  1. The new official start date is Monday, September 30th

  2. The final deadline to sign up is now Saturday, September 28th.

  3. There is now an additional Motiv 56 class at 11 AM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday class

  4. There's still the 6:15 PM Tue, Wed, and Thur class

  5. We are offering two additional options to the in-person option

  6. Motiv 56 Remote Programming option

  7. Motiv 56 Nutrition Only option

So, so more details below...

I'm excited to announce that we are extending the nutrition only component to anyone that wants to join up as well as a complete remote programming option for anyone that feels they can go to open gym and follow along.

Yep! If you want in on the action but can't make it to a single class time because you're a morning gal, no fear!

You will get the best of both worlds. Attend your favorite class time AND join the online remote portion of the participants while you all follow the meal plan and get 1 on 1 remote nutrition coaching!.

>>> A few things to mention...

>> Text "food56" to 317-342-1545 to schedule your nutrition consult for the nutrition only option

To get started with Nutrition Only you may fill out the readiness assessment below.

>> To get started with the Remote Programming option fill out the normal readiness assessment and just select "No" to the question that asks if you can make it to the normal class times.

>> Text "motiv56" to 317-342-1545 to schedule your nutrition consult for the complete remote programming option.

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