4 Tips for Macro Beginners


Save Yourself the Headache & follow these 4 tips on macro counting...


"Holy shit, look how much protein I'm supposed to eat..."

Whether you're just getting started or haven't start yet, when it comes to macro counting there are some significant strategies you can look out for that will make your life 10 times better.

Counting macros isn't necessarily a sustainable approach I would suggest for most people. However, somebody that can mentally and emotionally handle not being perfect - is already set up to be successful. 

The less stress you can have while counting macros - the better the results you'll have. So, if you find yourself stressing big time about counting every single macro, it might be time to get a coach and reassess.

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Back to our ProTips for today;

  1. Eat protein early and often,

  2. Spread your meals out over 4 or 5 meals,

  3. Anticipate, Strategize, Plan and lastly,

  4. Don't try and make up for lost macros right before bedtime

Eat protein early and often.

Chances are if you've done your own macro calculation OR you've gotten your macros from a Motiv coach, there's two things you've probably realized. 1.) Holy shit look at how much I'm supposed to eat, and 2.) Holy shit look how much protein I'm supposed to eat.

Protein is the most satiating nutrient. This means that high-protein makes us feel full. 

Image from ProCoach

Image from ProCoach

Our bodies like a constant supply of protein. So we need to spread our protein intake throughout the day and eat a little with every meal. 

Here's a tip, especially if you are trying to lose weight, having more protein early in the day will help control your appetite all day long.

Spread your meals out over 4 or 5 meals.

Just like your second realization about protein, your first realization is that you're likely faced with a lot more food than you're used to eating. 

It is expected that MOST of your meals will come from home-cooked meals and that you'll meet your macro goals with whole minimally processed foods. So, this will FEEL like a lot of food but the reality is - whole minimally processed foods are just MORE filling then highly processed foods.

Spread your meals out to ensure you aren't just feeling STUFFED 24/7.

Here's an example of 5 meals spread out through-out the day:


If you look at the amount of protein this client needed to get in one day, it's 165g and that would be 55 grams a meal, if they only ate 3 meals. Very filling!

Anticipate, Strategize, Plan

Now this one comes hot right out of Precision Nutrition, the world's leading educators for nutrition coaches like myself. This concept is very simple and super effective - if you actually do it.

Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition

Take a moment and think back to a time when you thought you had all your meals prepped and then at work someone brought in doughnuts, or you went out to a lunch work-date, or maybe even it was Friday and you went for after-work beers.

Or maybe you have your kid's soccer camp, dance recital, what-ever you name it... 

Chances are these events are not so surprising. 

Don't get me wrong, shit happens, we are all human and we just have to respond and manage the best to our ability. 

I'm talking about the stuff that happens day in and day out that, "catches us off guard."

So, this tip comes with a caveat. You have to sit down and think ahead - this is a skill - and it can be developed. 

Since we already know that stuff is going to go wrong, the best thing we can do is anticipate and make plans for how to deal when they do.⠀

A simple way to do this is by answering two questions at the beginning of the week:⠀

  1. What’s likely to get in the way of what I hope to accomplish?

  2. What is something I can do today to help me keep going when I face those obstacles?⠀

What is going to stop you from meeting your macro goals? Is it girls night on thirsty Thursday? Anticipate, Strategize, and Plan.

Don't try and make up for missed macros - right before bedtime.

So, no shit, there you are at 9PM and you have 30g of protein, 50g of carbs, and 0g of fat left for your daily macro goals. What do you do?


You do nothing. You go to bed and tomorrow, you start fresh. 

Here's the deal...

If you end up doing this even like three times in one week, guess what? You'll quit.

I've been there, it sucks - I thought I was "meeting my macros" - but instead I was miserable.

This approach is unsustainable.

The reality is, this was a planning error and all this really is is information for the next day. To avoid this; see Pro Tip #1 & #2. 

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