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Change your habits, change your life.

Are You Ready For A Change?


Healthy eating is a skill you practice and develop over the course of a lifetime, not a goal that you accomplish in a few months and then forget about.

My goal is to empower my clients to fall in love with the practice of healthy eating.

They'll get the results and keep them forever once they develop the skill.


I help people...

  • Eat better, without dieting or feeling deprived.

  • Get active, no matter what shape you're in now.

  • Ditch the food rules, dropping the fad diets and conflicting advice.

  • Build fitness into their life, without it taking over.

  • Achieve, and maintain, their goals even when life gets busy (because let's face it... if it isn't already busy it will...)

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Client Progress

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I am about 1/2 way through the program now, and this week we are reflecting back on what habits we have been the most successful with so far. I remember thinking the program wasn’t “hard” enough at first because I expected it to be like all of the other “diets” I have done which were all about deprivation and restriction. Now I can see that the “easy” habits of eating slowly and to 80% full have been crucial to my success because they don’t make me feel deprived or restricted, and they have helped me get in tune with my body. I am definitely a work in progress, but I am hopeful that some of my old self destructive habits are being replaced with positive ones!
— Mary
This programing has followed me through moves around the country and changes in training from being sidelined due to injury to almost exclusively cardio intense rowing and back to crossfit, I have lost weight, changed my body composition, and I am eating more that I ever have.....not of anything I want, but of high quality, nutrient dense foods. I feel fueled by my food and freed from it.
— Kim
Participating in the nutrition program helped me re-evaluate what exactly I was consuming on a daily basis. It was geared toward your personal experience level with either daily habits or specific macro goals. Following macros closely always helps me get back on track. I appreciated the encouragement from others in our group on a closed Facebook page. Andy was available for quick questions and suggestions!”
— Julie

Let's get started to a better you.

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Meet Your Coach!

Andy Noel is the head nutrition coach at Motiv Athletics. He is a Precision Nutrition level 1 and 2 certified coach. His desire and passion to help others have led him here.

Fundamentally, as a nutrition coach, his job is to help people change and help them take meaningful action in their own life. Through foundational nutrition and habit coaching, Andy uses a client-centered and an evidence-based approach to guiding clients towards their goals and ultimately the change they seek.

Andy is attending the University of Michigan for a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, in hopes to one day apply his passion for human movement and nutrition into a single therapy model.